Thursday, 5 June 2014

I can't believe you got the best of me. I can't believe I trusted every word you said.

So sorry! I completely forgot I even had this! I really should keep on top of things! I'm definitely going to start keeping this going. Not much has changed, other than the fact I'm not working & I've stopped modelling. I might start up again though, not sure. It all depends :)

This blog is still going to be an extension of me - the things I like, the things I do, what I wear etc. I hope you all enjoy it! I'm definitely going to be changing up my blog design a bit though, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Smell ya laterz!
Nay xo

Monday, 17 September 2012

I want to live and I want to love, I want to catch something that I might be ashamed of.

Hello there my beautifuls! I figured I'd try my hand at blogging again, I think this might be my sixth attempt? Hopefully now things have started to settle, I'll actually stick at it!

I am aware that 2012 is a late time to be starting blogging, especially as most bloggers start whilst their young, some even started back in 2006! But here I am, starting afresh & hopefully allowing all you dear readers to indulge in my life. 

So as you may or may not know, I've recently started modelling part-time. Things are going well, I have two or three shoots booked this week so fingers crossed I get some wonderful images to share with you all! I also start my new job on Friday. I will be working in the local Brewers Fayre restaurant. It's a two week work experience through the job centre but I have been told that there's a job there at the end of it if I'm happy. I'm pretty sure that I will be, having worked behind a bar before. I'm a little nervous about the waitressing part, purely because I know how clumsy I can be but I'm sure things will be fine. 

This blog is mainly going to be about my day-to-day activities with a few fashion and beauty posts thrown in for good luck. I plan on roping in friends as photographers but I do have a professional photographer who absolutely adores me & I'm pretty sure will help me out as and where needed. He's one of the photographers I'm shooting with this week actually, check out his facebook page here. Pretty excited to be shooting with him again, he's the photographer that gave me my first ever shoot! Here are some images from past shoots with him:

Aren't they fabulous? Obviously, Matt isn't the only photographer I've worked with but he's by far my favourite! Will keep you updated on my next shoot with him!

Speak soon my lovelies!
Nay xox

pics: copyright to Matt@Treasured Photography